More Perilous Journeys: Backerkit late next week

I’ve spent pretty much all day working on the Backerkit setup. A few things are clear to me.

I could probably push to get this done this week, set up the items, etc. That would get the surveys going. But I think it would be best if I waited until later next week.

  • Ksenia will be doing a lot of cover art early next week, and I think most of the backerkit surveys will look a LOT better with 4 or 5 covers either finished or in serious WIP
  • Mistakes at this point are really annoying to undo, and sometimes cost money (for me), or irritate backers (for you). I’d as soon avoid that
  • I’m also getting more art coming in on the two books I’ve got under commission…and I’d love to show that in updates as the surveys roll.

And of course, this is the July 4 holiday weekend coming up, and while I will be working on MPJ (editing and layout), my family is heading off into the north of MN for a much-needed (though still isolated) vacation. So my internet connection will be spotty. I’d much rather be able to deal with any issues or questions.

So: Backerkit surveys go out towards the end of next week. I think it’ll be better that way for everyone.

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