I’m stealing +Christopher R. Rice‘s name for gear and tools entries. ‘Cause it’s awesome, and that’s key. The Alien Menace game is on hiatus, but one day I’ll get back to it. When that is I do not know, but I swear I should be able to start it up again, and I need to play […]

Yesterday’s Alien Menace session was fun, but I think could have been better in a few areas, and they represent some teachable moments for me as I get my GM hat back on. Concept The concept of the mission started with an idea about a different alien type. Rather than just sectoids, I decided to […]

Wayne Oliver, CEO of Oliver Industries and he who bankrolls the Alien Menace missions, has plans for his hunters, that he’s talked about publicly. Well, not “publicly,” but within the team structure. Just so that they feel he’s got long-term plans for what he’s doing.. There are two kinds of teams. Scout/probe teams and hunter […]

Based on an extensive debriefing that boiled down to five and a half operatives ripping the tech staff and Wayne Oliver (their patron) a new one, improvements were made to the existing armor availability. The trooper’s body armor was tailored to provide arm and leg protection, and also the disc thickness was altered to provide […]

Wrapped up the first session of Alien Menace yesterday, in a special bonus session that had me forgetting to communicate with several of the players, because I used too many communication channels to do it (mail, chat, Google Groups, Google Calendar). I wanted to finish the mission, because it was only supposed to take one […]

Tonight we rejoined Our Heroes in the ice caves on a far off world. +Tim Shorts couldn’t make it, so we quickly recruited +Jake Bernstein, who joined +Peter V. Dell’Orto, +Christopher R. Rice , and +Nathan Joy in the quest to kill the aliens and take their stuff. The Long Fight No play-by-play transcript as I usually do when I’m playing, because my […]

A quick post. I’ve been getting ready for the follow-on session to the incomplete Alien Menace starter this weekend. We had to cancel last time due to sickness, ComiCon, and general beat-down-ness. Some things I realized: It’s really handy to have pre-planned encounters. +Eric hil walked me through how to generate those, and there’s a specific order […]

Saturday night put me in the GM’s chair for the first time in probably seven or eight years. I’ve been blogging for while on the prep. We had a full house. So how did it go? The Interface – Fantasy Grounds To start with, we can’t get past the issues with the interface and setup. […]