In Wednesday’s post, plus others, I mused on shields, and how actively they’re used. Thinking about DnD5e, and therefore Dragon Heresy as well, how can we model this, if we wanted to? DnD5e In a way, this is the easiest. The options are fairly straight-forward. Protection Plus The Protection fighting style allows giving an incoming […]

There have been some fun threads kicking around on various blogs and forums about the various mechanics and benefits and methods for hitting and not being hit in D&D5 and even OD&D/OSR-based games.  I started thinking about this hard when +James Spahn linked to a post on shields in D&D over at Halfling’s Luck. That spawned some very […]

Viking, Shields, and Design Intent Over the weekend and the last few days, I filmed a bit of “Doug talking, mostly about Viking” as something like a “Designer’s Notes,” or really, just talking about the inspiration for the game. In this particular case, shields had to be more useful than the +5-10% decrease in hit […]

Since my original forays into tinkering with the combat and narrative mechanics in D&D5, I’ve written a combat simulator to look at how quickly two combatants can drop each other using my rules assumptions, including for armor. I’ve found out a few things, which have sent me back to . . . not the drawing […]

When last we left our heroes, they (me) had first given some stream-of-consciousness thoughts on revamping what hits and misses mean, as well as differentiating between Stress and Wounds, and slapping on Damage Resistance or an Armor Value as the typical last-ditch defense when the wounding threshold is exceeded and a weapon actually hits the […]

In my pondering of heretical D&D concepts from the other day, one of the thoughts that I had was: Wow, rolling vs. a “Defense Target” of 10+DEX Modifier is going to make even very experienced fighters get hit an awful lot. On the other hand, armor subtracts from damage. How does that balance out? Guess […]

Here’s where I’ll talk about thoughts on the beatdown table. Thanks to a handy pointer, I see the right AC for challenge rating 6 is about AC 15, not 16 or 17. OK. So mote it be. I’m probably not picking the best tactics, weapons, spells, etc. But I’m going to try.  Barbarian Without his […]

OK, gearing up to make The Table. I think I’ll be going with the following columns. Class – self explanatory, but this table won’t deal with multiclassing Race/Specialty notes – things like “half-elf pirate” or “Mountain Dwarf Battlemaster” HP (Effective HP) – I think I might note things like 71 HP (+71 HP due to […]