Survey Status As of this morning, about 2/3 of folks have filled out their surveys for the Backerkit phase of Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition). Nice work, y’all. I did a bit of checking, and there are plenty of folks with physical product who haven’t completed their surveys – not surprising given the relatively […]

Greetings, fellow Torengur! We’re entering the third weekend of the Dragon Heresy Introductory Set Kickstarter, and things look pretty good. Another Skjald-hirð Joins the Battle! We had a great day yesterday, driven largely by another stalwart joining the ranks of the Skjald-hirð. He’s asked for a sweet, sweet paint job on his shield, too. Dark […]

A custom-made viking-style shield made just for you. Each is unique, made to your specifications within certain limits. These shields are a good step between a fully-authentic $1,000 shield made with all handmade tools and old-growth wood and a $10 chunk of plywood cut to shape.

Viking, Shields, and Design Intent Over the weekend and the last few days, I filmed a bit of “Doug talking, mostly about Viking” as something like a “Designer’s Notes,” or really, just talking about the inspiration for the game. In this particular case, shields had to be more useful than the +5-10% decrease in hit […]

If you’ve followed these pages, you’ve seen me working up to this. I’m now taking commissions for these shields. Eventually, I’ll have these available for orders on the web store. For now, contact me directly and we’ll work out specs and final pricing. Each shield is hand crafted, and “historical-ish.” Each shield is based on […]

In Wednesday’s post, plus others, I mused on shields, and how actively they’re used. Thinking about DnD5e, and therefore Dragon Heresy as well, how can we model this, if we wanted to? DnD5e In a way, this is the easiest. The options are fairly straight-forward. Protection Plus The Protection fighting style allows giving an incoming […]

For those coming in from Dimicator: welcome, and thanks for visiting! My stats rather firmly reflect a deluge of traffic thanks to Roland’s Facebook share. For those looking for other stuff: More on shields My experiences starting to get into viking-style martial arts with Ásfólk: And welcome to all! Forget All You Know Roland Warzecha […]

My article in this latest issue of Pyramid, The Broken Blade, presents an alternate framework for weapon breakage based more or less on looking at the HP of the weapon in question. In fact, the basis for the calculations I did was to (say) compare the HP of a sword (2-4 lbs of steel) to […]