Moving on to the Monk, a character basically designed around Kwai Chang Caine. Monks are interesting to me because they seem to get something really cool every level. They have the power of ‘ki,’ expendable energy points that aren’t quite spell slots (or rather, they’re generic power points that might as well be slots). They […]

This build is supposed to be identical to the Champion from yesterday, but with the Battle Master variant of the fighter instead of the Champion. The Battle Master’s schtick is “superiority dice,” of which you get four at 6th level, that can be spent on combat maneuvers. Many of these maneuvers are badass. Most of […]

Oh, yes. I’m gonna make me some Durkon Thundershield. Well, a 5th Edition Cleric of the Tempest, anyway. But that’s basically what I’m going for here. Well, he’s human. But still . . . Durkon Lankyshield! As the author notes in his wonderful document, nobody gets +2 to Wisdom, so the you have to choose among three races […]

Playing around with the Forged Anvil character generator. I’m using a good array of dice rolls (rolled on Roll20) and trying to find synergies as I explore character concepts. The dice rolls were 16, 15, 14, 13, 13, 11 using 4d6 drop lowest. So, yeah – above average.  Mountain Dwarf Barbarian Pirate The racial adds […]