If one is to discuss combat in RPGs, one might as well start with the medieval fantasy genre that still dominates the industry. For many games, hand-to-hand (or hand-to-tentacle, hand-to-claw, hand-to-mouth . . . ) combat is a central point of the game, hearkening back to the origin of fantasy RPGs in wargaming. This Violent […]

Over on Google+, +Benjamin Baugh was thinking about damage reduction in place of increased hit difficulty for D&D armor. This obviously strikes a chord with this GURPS (and D&D) player, and I replied: Even if you run screaming from the game, the implications of negated attacks and armor as damage reduction/resistance are fully fleshed out in GURPS. […]

+Lowell Francis over at Age of Ravens threw down a mighty post: “33 Things I Want From Combat As a Player.” I read them, and had thoughts. I will share them, because that’s what I do on this blog. This is the second part of a three-part response. You can find my comments on the first 11 of […]

My Swords and Wizardry character in the game I play with +Erik Tenkar is Rul Scararm, a former mercenary fighter. Inspired in no small part by +Peter V. Dell’Orto converting his own character, Mirado, into the new basic rules, I decided to do the same thing. I made a few different character decisions that are available to me in 5th […]

Last week I sat down with +Richard LeBlanc and +David Welborn of New Big Dragon Games Unlimited to discuss, largely, the d30 Sandbox Companion. It’s been #1 on the RPGNow “best seller” list for some weeks in a row, and after +Erik Tenkar and +Tim Shorts raved about it, I decided to check it out. My reiview was decidedly positive. I asked if […]

After my first two interviews, I tried to branch out. I contacted +Fred Hicks, to talk about FATE Core and its success – and he referred me to +Leonard Balsera, who was the design lead on the project. I gratefully accepted, and when Leonard returned from a busy convention schedule, we set up some time […]