D&D 5e

Since I started playing D&D Fifth Edition, I’ve written quite a bit on it. Here’s a handy guide for some of the more interesting posts.

Game Mechanics

Here are various articles and posts touching on D&D game mechanics.

Character Builds

To familiarize myself with the various character classes and determine the “most effective” at a combat role (because a lot of time is spent fighting in the campaign that introduced me to D&D5), I started going through and creating a character for each class and trying to optimize a bit for lethality. The resulting posts are the fruits of this effort.

Other characters and questions I’ve thought about as I started playing 5e

Analysis and Outcomes

Play Reports

  • Majestic Wilderlands – I’m cheating. This is just a link to the search results for the play reports from +Rob Conley‘s Majestic Wilderlands campaign, played this time in D&D5.
  • Monteporte Dungeon+Ken H ran the game that introduced me to Fifth Edition. Classic Dungeon Crawl action.