Dragon Heresy RPG

This is the list of all posts related to the development of the Dragon Heresy RPG.

Dragon Heresy is based on the SRD5.1 and will be released under the OGL. I’m aiming for a November release date, with crowdfunding that will start with a playable, fully-written black-and-white game that has public domain (or donated) art. Crowdfunding will be to fund a professional editing and indexing pass, commissioned thematic artwork in both black-and-white and color, and if things go very, very well, an offset print run to allow full-color hardbacks to be printed at lower cost.

At some point, all of this will move to a dedicated website for the game – the domain has been reserved, but isn’t ready yet.

That’s it. The first post where I mused about the entire project, was January 27, 2016.