Metablog (Installment 3)

Blogger has me at over 10.000 views since I started, less than two months ago. Google Analytics started up for me a few weeks after I started, but has me at 6500 views in about 60 days.

It’s way more fun to write stuff when you know people are watching.

What’s in the hopper?

Well, I promised I’d break down ranged weapons the way I did Melee Skills. I hope to have that ready by next GURPS-day. I also need to wade into Feats in my Pathfinder read-through. I’ve also got a few idle thoughts on alternate stats costing for GURPS. Finally, at least for now, I’d like to ponder a bit about real fights vs fights on the silver screen, and how a fight ebbs and flows.

I’m sure there will be more discussion of ballistics and shooting. That’s inevitable.

But why do this at all?

Well, initially it was a way to share a few thoughts on RPGing. But the power of the interactions with so many diverse people – but all connected through interest and passion for RPGing – has really fueled my creativity. Other than the stuff I spew out here, I’ve got at least two or three Pyramid articles – maybe four, now that I think on it – that I want to write, plus maybe even another e23 supplement.

Most of that is due to my interactions with all yous guys

Hey, I’m originally from Philly. I can say that.

In the meantime, thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Metablog (Installment 3)

  1. It has been an absolute pleasure so far! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and provoking some serious thinking (And if anything re-vitalizing my interest in all the books for GURPS I have purchased).

    I am hoping with reading your blog and the input from your readers I may actually be able to run a game in GURPS in the near future. I have yet to run a successful game in the system so far, despite my success in other Systems. We will most certainly have to rectify that.

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