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I’m a bit laid up for computer typing, having “bottomed out” on a kids’ trampoline over the Turkey Day travel break. This squished an already-injured lumbar spine like a sweet potato during Thanksgiving (going with that theme) and so ’tis hard for me to sit for too long.

Still, while I’ve got a few ideas of what’s coming blog-wise, I thought I’d ask if there are any particular topics or issues that people would like to see more on?
Interviews: I’m still working on the one with +Kenneth Hite. I dropped him a line a few days ago, and I expect he’ll get back to me as schedule allows. I’m also going to do a small one about helping people write for Pyramid Magazine with +Christopher R. Rice, since that little project is going pretty well. I’d love to interview some of the guys who do +Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in a big way, since they’re the 800-lb. gorilla of the industry, and I’d love to ask some business-related questions about how to nurture and grow RPGing in general.
Grappling: Still have a bunch of topics that come up on grappling and Technical Grappling. 

Campaign Writeups: Well, I’m down to zero games, alas. My Wednesday game with +Nathan Joy playing through Jade Regent using GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is still on . . . for them. I have a conflict until the winter passes, as my 90-minute weekly conference call with the development/integration group in Malaysia has shifted to that night. I enjoyed playing in +Christian Blouin‘s highly immersive Tolkein-inspired GURPS campaign . . . but I have terrible sound issues and my speaker/monitor setup gives everyone else bad feedback. I spend zero time playing and all the time fiddling with settings. So unless I can fix that (and I’m not a computer sound guy), I’m out of that for everyone’s sanity.
GURPS 101 and Melee Academy: These will be making a reappearance, thanks to a few ideas shared between the usual suspects.
Pathfinder Read-Through: Hmm. I supposed I could pick this up, having dropped it a while ago like a hot rock when I hit the 100-page chapter on Spells.
Campaigns of my Own: Still flirting with starting a game of my own. Nothing helps you have neat ideas for articles, books, and blog posts like actually playing your own game. While I suspect that DF would be easy, I’d really like to explore Monster Hunters more, and it would get me back to doing stuff with firearms as well as grappling, which is what this blog used to be about more frequently.
Pyramid Magazine Issue Reviews: I tend to self-servingly write up full reviews for issues in which I have articles, but I could certainly do more of this.

All in all, still having fun with the blog, so it will certainly continue. I’ll be doing a lot more writing over Xmas and New Year’s though – I have something like four projects on hold, one of which I need to improve or just post here on the blog.

One thought on “Taking requests for blog topics

  1. While I've enjoyed most of the posts you've made on this blog, one thread that I was a _big_ fan of that hasn't been revisited in a while is the Grand Unified Smackdown Theory. Lately I've been getting my GUST fix reading your technical grappling articles and lurking on the GURPS forum, but fiddling with the (admittedly already probably fine) damage and wounding system is always interesting to me.

    Either way, I'd like to take this chance to thank you for all of the time you devote to this blog- I've been lurking here since the beginning and I really admire how out of your way you go to explain and promote the hobby. Cheers!

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