Behold! Now introducing the Orc-o-Matic (v1)

This is going to be an evolving project, but I’ve got a simulation-based OrcPower calculator up on Google Drive.

Here’s the link to the file: Orc-O-Matic!


You input basic stats in the yellow boxes. Some input notes:

STR or DEX: the bonus to hit/damage from your attack attribute
Style or Choice: things like the +2 for Archery, or the -5 to hit for exercising the Sharpshooter option
Proficiency: Proficiency bonus

Damage or normal hit: I really wanted a lot of this to auto-calculate, but not sure how to get a formula to be placed into 10,000 cells. So this is there as a placeholder for when I figure it out.

Attacks per round: this is your BASIC number of attacks. Not your bonus attacks for special powers and stuff. You can cheat this along with “Extra Attack”

Resist Mult: this is for things like the barbarian’s resistance to melee attacks.

The DMG per attack yellow requires you to enter a formula for how much damage you do. So if you have lots of bonus funky dice (such as for Hunter’s Mark, or Colossus Slayer) you’ll need to enter these on your own, then FILL DOWN.


There are a bunch of calculated parameters.

Total (in the hit row) is the bonus you’re adding to 1d20; it is repeated as 1d20+X for sanity in “Gut Check.” Likewise for damage, this should look a lot like what your base damage is.

Hit/Crit is the same way. You should be able to look at your hit chance and your foe’s target AC and get within 1% of the answer here, and the Crit should be 5% for “crits on 20” and 10% for “crits on 19-20.”

Attacks/kill is basically 1/the percent chance to kill an foe in one blow. This accounts for lost damage from doing 345 damage against a 15 HP foe. Lacking stuff like cleaving (not automated yet), that 330HP is lost. 

Bonus Att/Round is a formula that shows how often things like when you crit or reduce a foe to 0HP, you get a bonus attack. For the 6th level barbarian, this happens about 40% of the time.


The OrcPower rating is equal to the product of:

Attacks/Kill rating for your foe – how many attacks by your foe will occur before the PC drops.

divided by the foe’s attacks per round – converts this into rounds standing

divided by the PC’s attacks/kill 

multiplied by the PCs attacks/round

The four together: (Foe Attacks/Kill / Attacks/Round) = Rounds per dead PC
                                   (PC Attacks/Round) / Attacks/Kill) = PC kills per round

            Together you get PC foes killed per PC death

Not Included

No methods are provided (yet) for advantage/disadvantage, bonus damage for Sneak Attacks, or other conditionals.

Also not included directly is the impact of a second fighter. 

Spells and items resisted by Saving Throws? Not implemented.

Parting Shot

This calculator is a way to get the basic melee portion of effectiveness down, within certain boundaries. It’s not quite as fully-featured as I’d like, but with this basis, I’m sure that suggested (or direct) modifications can be made.

Anyone that wants to download and modify the Excel sheet has my permission to do so, so long as you give a bit of credit for the starting document. If you look at this and have an entirely new way to do it – say with some real programming code – I obviously don’t need or deserve attribution for that . . . but please share your work!

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