Battlegrounds – Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter

This one flew completely under my radar until +Hernán Ruiz Camauër popped up on LinkedIn of all places.

He’s got four days left to go in his Kickstarter, which is to improve the native content available on his Battlegrounds Virtual Tabletop.

I wanted to interview him back when I did my Firing Squad series on VTTs, and we could never connect. I was very impressed with the Battlegrounds feature set in the demos, and it was built to have significant GURPS support. Though it’s system agnostic, I believe Hernán is a GURPS fan.

Click to go to the Kickstarter Page

I’m going to throw in $100, because a good VTT is a godsend to any group, and competition in the VTT market is good for us all. Plus, Devin Night (James Hazelett) makes awesome tokens – I’ve purchased a ton of them myself, and having them available for Battlegrounds is a good thing.

One feature that’s of particular interest to GURPS players – easy token pose swapping. So you can have a 1-hex standing token and a 2-hex prone one.

More on Battlegrounds here.

Devin Night’s page here.

2 thoughts on “Battlegrounds – Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter

  1. Douglas, you have been a godsend to this KS campaign.

    I laughed when I read your comment about LinkedIn. Can you tell I was getting a bit, uh, desperate in my efforts to spread the word?

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