Apropos of Nothing: Dresden Files

I know, I know. Today was supposed to be an Actual Play report (GURPS Jade Regent). But it was cancelled, so you get this instead.

I’m re-reading my Dresden Files eBooks.

This one’s just fun. Harry is a supernatural character, a Wizard, who eschews the Secret disadvantage and posts up a placard.

I read something like twelve of thee books; I believe there’s at least one more out since I set the series down. Largely because at the time I was reading them, I’d reached the last one.

I simply adore monster hunting settings in the modern world. I have always been a Buffy/Angel fan. One of my better campaigns was GURPS: Black Ops. The Dresden Files fits right in there, and Jim Butcher has an engaging, casual, and evocative style (see what I did there?) that really makes me want to keep reading.

And it’s simply built for GURPS: Monster Hunters.

Or rather since Jason Levine, Monster Hunters’ author says this:

. . . the MH series is based just as much on Vampire$, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter International (and sequels), Underworld, Van Helsing (except the TL), Night Watch, Blade, Supernatural, The Prophecy, Princess of Wands, Constantine, Ghostbusters (kind of), aspects of Predator and Aliens, older GURPS books like Black Ops and Voodoo: The Shadow War, and some magical influence from series like The Hollows and Dresden Files.

it would be more accurate to say that Monster Hunters was built for The Dresden Files.

And a lot more.

But seriously: if you want to pry me away from what I should be doing on any given night, just drop me a line and invite me to play in a GURPS:Monster Hunters game.

4 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing: Dresden Files

  1. I love Dresden Files so much that I was certainly shocked when RPK said that Monster Hunters was not appropriate for it (he later retracted that, as he was under the assumption that Dresden Files was more Urban Fantasy than MH). In fact, it was through the Dresden Files RPG that I came into contact with the Fate System. I first bought it to use it as a sourcebook for my GURPS games, but then I saw that Fate was great for things GURPS struggled with. Now I have two go to systems, depending on the game 😉

    By the way, since you know I'm taking a break from GMing GURPS, if I offered to run a Dresden Files game using the Fate system, would you be interested?

  2. I've only read a few of the books, but it does seem pretty interesting from what I have read

    One of the reasons I decided to buy in on the Fate Kickstarter a bit back was because I wanted the Dresden Files Accelerated book (though some of the other settings sounded super awesome, so I might have bought in even without that)

    Not sure what I think of Fate though, I was planning to steal the settings for GURPS, but maybe I'd like Fate

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