Apropos of Nothing: Write it down with style

I have recently started carrying around a journal to record my thoughts about blog posts.

It’s very cool looking, and for what you get, very inexpensive.

I recommend it for anyone involved in anything creative. It also has the side-effect of generating a lot of comment (though occasionally people ask me to what Bible Study I’m going) and letting you talk about how geeky you are by explaining your creative outlets in gaming,art, or whatever.

Good times.

Edit: Oh, about that “lots of comment” thing. I happened to take it to a restaurant and bar for a work function. I set it down on the bar as I ordered a glass of (red) wine, and the woman sitting down next to me (not from work) instantly struck up a conversation with me. Now, I’m a married man, so I’ve been out of the game for a while (and my wife could kill me with fist, sword, or gun, so I don’t muck with that), but I swear, no amount of nerdity was going to stop this woman from trying to have my children right there on the bar. I mean, seriously – I know the artsy types get all the attention, but this was just too much. She was stroking the book’s paper like she wanted it to have a wordgasm.

Flattering, though it was definitely the props. I’m just not that interesting.

5 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing: Write it down with style

  1. Carrying that thing around like that is offbeat example of peacocking.

    You might as well wear a weird hat or do card tricks or something– you're obviously there to pick up women walking in there like that…!

    1. I was just surprised at the response. I have to imagine that being seen writing in it would be even more effective. But I really do use it all the time. I just hit two new ideas this morning (granted, at home) and a really fun one on the way to said bar. All of them will be blog entries or Pyramid articles at some point in the future.

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