Games I’d like to play in 2015

Inspired by +Ken H over at The Rusty Battle Axe, here are games I want to be involved with in 2015, either by playing them, reading and critiquing, or both.

GURPS Alien Menace: Yeah, fine. It’s mine. But it went on hiatus due to foreseen events and loss of free time. But I think hopefully by the end of the first quarter of Calendar 2015, I’ll be able to resurrect this one. I’m not lacking ideas, and I think I’d like to make sure that I’ve got a few more players in the stable, but this is a campaign I want to get back to.

Fate: I’d dearly love to play in a few games using the FATE system. Something that plays to its strengths, such as superheroes (I think), and something that plays to my system-of-choice’s strengths, like current-day or near-future martial arts, special ops, or similar. I’d want to play enough sessions to get a feel for it.

Night’s Black Agents: My initial run-in with the GUMSHOE system was not favorable. I was in the wrong mind-space for the game, and so I was fighting the system. I’d like to try this supremely awesome setting with a GM that can make it sing.

Other Options and Various Mechanics

There are games and systems out there that I want to become more familiar with for various reasons. Firstly, while I dearly love GURPS, and I have a ton of fun playing D&D, there are rather a lot of other places and games and settings in which people spend their time. If I’m going to do more than dabble, I would like to become familiar with them.

Some of them I’ll at least read the rules, if I don’t actively search out and play.

Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars: Edge of the EmpireI always loved Star Wars when it was d6 by WEG. One of the best campaigns I’ve ever run happened in that system. It’s also one of the more popular, so I hear, games out there. If I’m going to diversify in 2015 a bit in my blogging, I want to hit some of the more popular games out there.

Savage WorldsI’ve heard that this is where people who used to play GURPS went. Looking at the quick-start rules, I feel like I need to be convinced, but I’m willing to try. The overall system seems to be roll a polyhedral die vs. a target number, with exploding dice from d4 through d12. With a tagline of Fast! Furious! Fun!, making for an easy entry to roll and shout gaming with fairly coarse-grained rules.

Shadowrun, Fifth Edition: I remember playing Shadowrun in college. I also remember loving the setting, and the mechanics . . . not so much. But it’s been a while, and I guess we’d have to see if dice pool games have grown on me or not. It looks like Catalyst has a ton of support for the game, so that seems to the good. If nothing else, the setting has always been very compelling, and adventures could probably be ported pretty easily if one found game-mechanics love elsewhere.

Numenera: I might have to track this one down for the quality of +Monte Cook‘s website alone. Holy crap, that’s a gorgeous site, and I’m not usually given to waxing lyrical about websites. But I remember quite the buzz about this game. The character sheet looks pretty unique. Definitely want to take a look.

Parting Shot

If you think you see a pattern here, you’re not wrong. Looking at the rolling list of popular games on the ICv2 retailer buzz data seemed like a good way to skim the market and get familiar with what’s out there, and probe for strengths and weaknesses in various areas. Where do the systems excel, and where do they get in the way. What kind of play experiences do they facilitate?

I’m sure I’ve missed some, and am open to suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Games I’d like to play in 2015

  1. (A) Thanks for the shout out.

    (B) If I could swing the time, I would love to GURPS Alien Menace.

    (C) GUMSHOE, in the hands of the right GM, is fantastic. I found this out when Tim Shorts ran a session of The Esoterrorists. He did an incredible amount of prep work and this system truly plays to his strengths as a GM. As you said, you do have be in the right mind space.

    (D) I am Savage World curious as well. I have no idea why.

    (E) I echo your thoughts about Numenera. So very pretty…

  2. I too am drawn to Savage Worlds – it's so cheap! It's so quick to play! It's so cinematic!

    Numenera I like for setting and for art, but the system leaves me cold, keen to see if you are similarly inclined.

    1. Savage Worlds is my rules-light system as well. I played in a fantasy campaign a few years ago and was suitably impressed, though it might be better for supers instead. I never grokked Fate, however (it's just Fudge with extra gunk), and I hear the two have some crossover appeal and handle the same genres.

  3. I'm pondering starting a SR5 game, but the dice pool sizes are making me a bit leery; tempted to come up with alternate rolling mechanics that don't involve rolling quite so many dice — if the street sam in the base book were to shoot at himself, he could perfectly reasonably be rolling 16 dice to attack (cyberarm agility 9, skill 5, smartlink +2), then 10 dice to defend, then 19 dice to soak, and that would only do 4 damage on average.

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