GURPSDay Summary Oct 26, 2018 – Nov 1, 2018

Thursday is GURPSDay, wow, the kiddos all over were recovering from what was clearly a most excellent sugar rush, accompanied by the following sugar manic and sugar crash. Chaos all over this morning, with empty parking lots at work, clearly due to vampiric action.

Yesterday I tested the Perception skills of the children coming to my door. I posed as a draugr and didn’t move much. Most of the children and nearly all of the adults assumed I was a statue, and one group’s reaction to my movement as they attempted to pillage the candy bowl at my feet was . . . both memorable and satisfying.

GURPSDay is currently pulling from 104 blogs on the roster.

GURPSDay is in its fifth year – GURPSDay started in February 2013,  a year after I started Gaming Ballistic. Things have slowed down a bit, and I’ll be considering how to revitalize this weekly activity. I’d like to see an average of 100 posts here per week – one per blog, ish – so we’ll see what we can do to get creative juiced flowing.

The Dungeon Fantasy RPG, Powered by GURPSIf you just started a GURPS blog – and I know that some of you have – email me and get on the list! With the advent of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, Powered by GURPS, there’s even more reason to write.

How? Two action items: post more, recruit more. It’s really that simple. More posters is more posts, and more interest in GURPS.

Below you can find the blog activity for the last week. There’s a whole lotta awesome GURPS going on. Read all the posts.

Not every blog posts about GURPS every week, but some are ridiculously prolific! The list is randomized, so different bloggers will be highlighted at the top of the post each week.

As always, if you’re interested in having your blog consolidated here, navigate over to The Instructions Page and drop me a line. Take special note of the RSS Settings Fix if you’re on WordPress.

Insidious GURPS Planning (Mr. Insidious)

Dungeon Fantastic (Peter Dell’Orto)

Generic Universal Eggplant (Enraged Eggplant)

Lair of the Chaotic GM (ChaoticGM)

Northport (Denis McCarthy)

Above the Flatline (Timothy Ponce)

Let’s GURPS (Pseudonym)

Gaming Ballistic (Douglas Cole)

Dr. Kromm’s GURPS Livejournal (“Sean “”Dr. Kromm”” Punch”)

Olympus RPG Group (The Olympus RPG Group)

  • GURPS: Supers: Knight City Chronicles, Black Knight Origins 1 (10/29/18) – Onshot episode of GURPS: Supers game using Fantasy Grounds and streamed on our Olympus Twitch channel. Roland Ritter, former Navy SEAL corpsman and subject of an experiment that granted him abilities beyond those of ordinary men, has returned home after 10 years to make Knight City a better place. But it won’t be easy…

Daydreams of a Dragon (Dragondog)

The Gaming Musings of a Mad GM (Ken DeLyzer)

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