Importing from Blogger

Well, sometimes the right answer is just “chill the heck out.”

Blogger Importer Extended was updated very recently, and is now compatible with WordPress 4.6.1

So if you have the time, you can just click “go” and it’ll bring in what you need without having to resort to a roll-back.

I am currently importing, and while it (with good reason) bypassed the stuff I’d already done, it has made great progress on the images and links. I’ll probably let it run overnight, and hopefully it’ll complete.

So if you’re looking for a solution – now you have one.

One other thing

I have obviously been the recipient of some of Daniel’s efforts, as the site is now looking a heck of a lot more like what it’s supposed to. We’ll be playing a bit more with it, since we’ve got a nice list of categories that we’ll be using.

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Things got interesting on the stat counter on Blogger the last few days.

I mean, here’s what happened:

July 18 – 1043 hits.

That’s a solid day. I break 1,000 when I post something interesting, or GURPSDay, or both, typically. My record month ever was about 930 hits per day, though unevenly so.

But then

July 19 – 1471 hits

That’s really good, maybe my best ever to date. Blogger doesn’t really keep archive stats. But 350 of those were a 1-hour spike in hits that is consistent with some sort of automated software, I think. So that’s easily dismissed.

July 20 – 2565 hits

Holy. Crap. This is by far the best day I’ve ever had. The weird thing about it is that while there’s spiky behavior, there’s rather a few spike, plus that section where I hit 100-240 hits per hour for five or six hours. That’s not the usual hit pulse from a bot.

July 21 – as of 8am 1191 hits

If that keeps up I’ll do 2,200 hits today.


Well, this is all well and good. Google Analytics tells me my traffic hasn’t changed at all. But then, Google seems to very much undercount traffic, where Blogger overcounts. So there’s that. 

I do hope I’m reaching more people. Given the number of followers I now have on Google+ (over 1,000!) I think more people are seeing my site. Also, my best traffic days have always been when I post about 5e, and my Dragon Heresy SRD5.1 work is getting close to a real thing (I have 9 days left in my writing schedule and made major progress in getting one of the hardest, most sloggy sections significantly advanced) and I hope I’m getting hits from that.

We shall see – I hope it keeps up, obviously. 

As I mentioned a few days ago, we have a new blog in town.

Hans-Christian Vortisch, author of GURPS Tactical Shooting among many other things, is starting up his own blog. You can see the kinds of things he thinks about in my Firing Squad interview with him.

It’s called Shooting Dice – Guns and Gaming.

He’s got three posts up already, and a bunch more queued. Go over and take a look. At the moment, he’s writing up some famous fights from movies and other media in GURPS terms – he’s got one from the movie Collateral up now. He’s got a breakdown of the firearms HP Lovecraft owned, and he’s also got a review of the P7M8 pistol, much in the same pathway as I reviewed the Walther PPQ.

Given my own interests and writing, you can bet I’ll be reading him. You should too.

Let’s just leave him a nice cowboy greeting.

“Welcome to the party, pal!”

I posed a question on Google+ the other day, asking if a blog is to update content at the same time on any given day, when would readers prefer that content to appear.

By a ratio of 66:1, people took the question in the spirit with which it was intended, which was to the good.

Here’s the quick results, which haven’t really changed shape as the tallies went from 25-40 votes to over 60. I doubt more will change it that much.

So, basically 8 in 20 probably would like to see their content appear before they wake up in the morning, so it’s the equivalent of  reading the newspaper at breakfast. This may well be “let me mark things I want to read later by +1’ing them, or noting interest somehow.” 

The next chunk about 5 in 20 – and this did change hands a bit – is the “before noon” crowd, which probably says “I read blogs during lunch, so get your content up before that.

Combined 6 in 20 are afternoon or night-time readers. So really, that 4pm to midnight range is not when people want new content showing up.

But only 2 in 20 look for new stuff from lunch to the end of work. They’re busy in the afternoons, whether it be weekend or weekday.

So “in the AM” is where it’s at. I’m going to assume that midnight to 2am isn’t really in the running, but I’ll ask a more-specific question about when people sit down to read from about 2am through noon, and see what gives. 

Thanks for participating so far.


In other news, I’m going to try and hold to a rough schedule for Gaming Ballistic in 2016. I’ll be playing in more games than last year, which is great. Two GURPS games and maybe a D&D game, each week. Not sure if I can keep up that full pace, but regardless, here’s what I’m hoping to do:

Reloading Press
GURPS Supers Write-up
GURPS-Day, Melee Academy, GURPS 101
D&D Write-up or some other system notes
Sunday Review

The “open” days will either be blank, or if I have an idea that doesn’t fit into another category, I’ll throw it down there. We’ll see if I can keep it going.