Importing from Blogger and GB Site Update

Importing from Blogger

Well, sometimes the right answer is just “chill the heck out.”

Blogger Importer Extended was updated very recently, and is now compatible with WordPress 4.6.1

So if you have the time, you can just click “go” and it’ll bring in what you need without having to resort to a roll-back.

I am currently importing, and while it (with good reason) bypassed the stuff I’d already done, it has made great progress on the images and links. I’ll probably let it run overnight, and hopefully it’ll complete.

So if you’re looking for a solution – now you have one.

One other thing

I have obviously been the recipient of some of Daniel’s efforts, as the site is now looking a heck of a lot more like what it’s supposed to. We’ll be playing a bit more with it, since we’ve got a nice list of categories that we’ll be using.

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