Not much posted this weekend after the play report on Swords and Wizardy. I’ve got some OSR-related thoughts percolating that I have to get on paper and stick out there.

This weekend was “try desperately to get old writing projects into final form” weekend. I think +Peter V. Dell’Orto and I made sufficient progress on our mutual project that we’re in a good place. I also made solo progress on the “good parts” of a document/project that has been kicking around my desk for the better part of a freakin’ year. I think I have it into “yes, this is worthy of shopping around for playtest and comment” form, which means that I spent time shopping it around for review and comment as well. Hope to submit it to Pyramid Real Soon Now.

The rest of that article, which I despair of putting into fighting shape in any useful way, will likely appear sooner rather than later on this blog.

Otherwise, lining up interviews with a few people, but I need to let my bank account recover from posting up something like three in a month or two. Those things ain’t cheap.

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