GURPS-Day Cancelled due to Snowpocalypse XVII

Wow. Yet another snowstorm. Looks like total snowfall tonight and tomorrow could be 6-12 inches. Lovely.

Today is GURPS-Day, but I don’t have anything for the first time in a while. Maybe I’ll postpone until tomorrow.

I’ve been busy, though, with a few writing projects with +Peter V. Dell’Orto, as he mentioned in his own post. I’m also working on two more items, one with an interesting group of people, and another that I hinted at a while ago, which is in form enough to playtest. It’s a short (less than 2,000 word) article that has to do with firearms.

I’ve got a bunch more that I want to write, so I’m not lacking in topics.

Next, I’ve been pounding the pavement, so to speak, now that a few paychecks have come in, for the next set of Firing Squad interviews. I’ve got two firmly scheduled and another just waiting for confirmation. One more question is pending to a fairly well known RPG personality, and on a lark I put a note in the mail to a famous SciFi/Fantasy author. I don’t expect that one to fly – I asked for an interview with Jim Butcher of Dresden Files fame, but was told he’s busy writing. Good – I’m looking forward to the next Dresden novel or whatever else he cooks up! Still, I’d love to chat with him about the intersection (or lack thereof) of his writing and the Dresden RPG.

One of these days I should get around to knocking on +Steve Jackson‘s door, too, and ask him to opine about the state of game design, prognosticate on the future of RPGs or where he’d take the hobby if he chose to turn the Orbital Mind Control Lasers up to 11, and naturally talk about Ogre and perhaps Car Wars.

I’m also rather open to other suggestions. I’d love to get some of the Big Dogs from Paizo on to talk more about Pathfinder, as well as the designers of D&D Next. Dungeons and Dragons leaves big footprints wherever it strides, and it would be fun to hear what those guys are thinking.

And if Nathan Fillion wants to drop by, I’m happy to chat with the Captain for a while.

2 thoughts on “GURPS-Day Cancelled due to Snowpocalypse XVII

  1. Tunnels and Trolls was pretty influential to GURPS DF, and GURPS. Might want to talk to Ken St. Andre . . .

    Otherwise, maybe Chris Pramas (wrote Dragon Age, amongst other things, and head Green Ronin).

    Or talk to the HANS!

  2. Fun fact: HANS is mentioned in every firing squad interview to date. Consider Stefan E. Jones – he hasn't written anything for GURPS in a while, but he's toying around with some solitary adventures, I think. Should also poke PK and Phil Masters – maybe do a GURPS Panel on the various magic systems.

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