Making new gamers one by one

I am now outnumbered and flanked. We welcomed Melody Alexis Cole to our gaming circle yesterday. 

She clocked in at just shy of 50cm and 2.9kg, and thus far – with one exception last night – has been a pretty content little cuddle-monkey.
Her big sister loves calling herself a big sister. Mom is feeling better after all the tubes are no longer connected. 

I’ve got a few things in the works. I’ve got tentative agreement to throw down with another couple of Firing Squad interviews. One with another member of the SJG staff (heh), and since he’s come up in every interview so far, I’ve asked if +Hans-Christian Vortisch would sit down with me and chat about writing for RPGs, and his passion for firearms.
Game On!

The Alien Menace campaign got off to a slow but solid start, and I’m trying to remember how to be a GM. I have a good idea for the next adventure at least in kind, and it should hopefully be a whole ‘nother thing than this last one, which was a giant tactical exercise. Good mix and match going to happen, and I’m interested to see if the players like the direction.

7 thoughts on “Making new gamers one by one

  1. Congrats, man! You must be so proud! Now go enjoy your sleepless nights and try not to think about how quickly Short Stack and Newbie will be bringing boys home to meet Dad 🙂

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