DnD5 question: Basic vs. Starter set

The starter set seems to contain a chunky (64-page) adventure, and a smaller rulebook. Plus some stuff I don’t need like pre-gens and dice. That’s not a complaint – it’s a starter set for those new to gaming.

I believe I’ve seen reports that the adventure book is pretty cool.

Are there any rules differences between the Basic and Starter rulebooks? If so, links or reviews would be appreciated. I’ll probably pick up the PHB when it comes out, of course.

Ah, the writer’s guidelines. I wonder how they’ll intend to deal with the concept of rules modules that has been bandied about. Obviously, as a tinkerer I’m interested, for many reasons.

I guess we’ll see . . .

One thought on “DnD5 question: Basic vs. Starter set

  1. My starter set should arrive tomorrow. I can give you a look at it via Skype if you want.

    And thanks for that link . . . it would be nice to get my name on D&D stuff, too. My inner kid would be pleased, considering how pleased my inner adult felt about getting my name on my favorite game's books!

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