Treasure Tables (linked from Dungeon Fantastic)

Peter Dell’Orto, over at Dungeon Fantastic, just posted a link to a First Edition DnD treasure trove generator. I do vaguely remember “Treasure Type,” and would have to look for it more closely. But I tried it out randomly, and got some really neat results. 

Treasure Type D; 3 repeats, verbose gems “on.”

Treasure Type D

  1. 5000 gp, Gems (4): 100 gp Carnelian, 1000 gp Aquamarine, 200 gp Moonstone, 6 gp Tiger Eye Agate. Total Value: 1306 gp.
  2. 4000 ep, Gems (4): 10 gp Moss Agate, 1000 gp Jet, 7 gp Tiger Eye Agate, 70 gp Rock Crystal. Total Value: 1087 gp.
  3. 4000 gp

Sweeeet. I repost this because (a) I agree with him, it’s Awesome, and (b) I’m in a Pathfinder game. Maybe our GM will be inspired.

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