Dyvers taps Gaming Ballisitc over on ENWorld!

+Charles Akins gave Gaming Ballistic a nod as one of the “Ten RPG Blogs Everyone Should Be Reading.

His entry for GB reads:

4. Gaming Ballistic by Douglas Cole
Before I started reading Douglas Cole I avoided GURPS like the plague. I labored for years under false beliefs about the game and foolishly ignored a robust system that would allow me to play everything from a Space Pirate to a Cowboy in the old west.

Then I found Gaming Ballistic and everything changed. Douglas Cole has a way of making GURPS into one of the most attractive systems you’ll ever read about. Through his tireless efforts he has helped demystify the game through his Melee Academy series and his GURPS 101 series. And he always seems to come up with great adventure ideas, locations, and enemies that can easily be moved into your favorite system. 

Even if these efforts weren’t as impressive as they are his blog would still make my list for his Firing Squad interviews. He makes an effort in each interview to put his guest at ease and to discuss a wide range of things going on in the hobby; with the end result being some of the best, far reaching interviews you’re likely to find today. 

Style of Game: GURPS

Posting Frequency: Thirty-two posts a month
Read more: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?1879-Ten-RPG-Blogs-Everyone-Should-be-Reading#.VANcVPldWSq#ixzz3BzahKcSS

I’m obviously thrilled and grateful to be listed on that list, and quite pleased GURPS has been made more approachable by my efforts.

And the Firing Squad? The Firing Squad . . . endures.

Parting Shot (added late)

For those of you that are coming to Gaming Ballistic for the first time thanks to +Charles Akins‘ post, welcome! I passed 400 posts on the blog a few days ago, so if you’re wondering where to start . . .

Some of the posts on the left-hand side, the most popular ever, will be worth your time.

  • Technical Natasha is a fun look at how to use my book Technical Grappling for cinematic awesome. 
  • The Range Report on the Walther PPQ gets a lot of attention from non-RPGers, because it’s a new pistol and a good one – but I always tuck RPG stats in when I go to the range, so not useless.
  • The Firing Squad entries that make that list are some of my best ever, so they’re worth your time

If you’re into Pathfinder or DnD, there are many entries there. I played in a Pathfinder campaign (Skull and Shackles) for a bit, and those play reports might be worth reading. I also tried a complete read-through of the core rules from a beginner’s perspective, which ran out of steam right about the time I hit 100 pages of spells!

As noted, the GURPS 101 and Melee Academy series are very good – not the least because they’re not all me! +Peter V. Dell’Orto+Christopher R. Rice+Mark Langsdorf , +Christian Blouin , +Jason Packer and others have all contributed to this, and getting the same question tackled from several points of view can be a great thing.

Anyway, welcome. I hope you stay a while.

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