Forthcoming: Firing Squad welcomes . . . Steve Jackson

Last Sunday I intereviewed Steve Jackson (of Steve Jackson Games) on the Firing Squad.

We spoke for about an hour (a bit less) about Ogre, a tiny bit of Car Wars, Munchkin, and GURPS.

I’m in “post production” right now, editing the video. Transcription is in the works. I already have an audio file.

I hope to go live in the next few days.


If you’ve not seen my interviews before, I’ve got some very juicy ones on the Firing Squad already.

Secondly, the audio file is ready for release, and I suppose with enough encouragement I could release it early rather than all at once with the video. The transcript will likely follow on with perhaps a week delay – that takes a while to (a) do it, (b) check it, and (c) insert all the right links where I want them so it’s a truly interactive document.

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