Apropos of Nothing: Watching some TV

I started to catch up with a few TV shows last night, having caught a break in terms of stuff to do.

I watched the two episodes of Agents of SHIELD that were on Hulu. It’s off to a good start, and had a typical Whedonesque “here’s a character you might like. Oops, dead” in it. So at least that’s consistent. I think Coulson makes a good inscrutable director.

I also finally made the time to start watching The Last Ship, which I had resolved to do after talking with Adam Baldwin at Minneapolis ComiCon.

So far, I like it. I was wondering how they’d deal with the fuel situation – and yes, they’re desperate for it. Makes me think we need a few more nuclear powered cruisers. I liked it how, to me, the Navy crew looks like a Navy crew. They’re young, they’re normal looking, etc. The first two episodes were fun, explained the disease enough, and left me wanting more.

We’ll see how the third one ends, since we now are staring at a bad guy ship at spitting distance. Of course, Baldwin’s ship (yeah, he’s not the captain, but I didn’t MEET that actor, so it’s Baldwin’s ship) is an Arleigh Burke class. with a 96-cell Vertical Launch System. It’s an insanely capable ship, and I doubt the bad guys have anything to match it. Even the Udaloy II doesn’t come close, I think. We’ll see.

Both shows are worth watching, and I will continue to do so.

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