Apropos of Nothing: Minneapolis Comic Con 2015 – Saturday

Today was the big day, when we put on the entire armor. It went on more or less fine, didn’t pinch or bind her, and lasted a heck of a lot better than I thought it would. 

Pictures of her first, then general fun pix of the day after. But first, my two favorites for the day, plus “Greek Chicks Conquer All”:

And many, many more . . . 

Found her! She was in the Twin Cities!

2 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing: Minneapolis Comic Con 2015 – Saturday

  1. Happy to help! The hardest part was the bowl of the helmet – took me a few tries. Gotta make it bigger than you think. Hope to see you there next year. This seems to be a thing for us now; my eldest has gone twice now and she's quivering each time it approaches. Next year, my younger will be nearly two, so she should enjoy it as well.

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