Ballistic Misfires

Apologies for the hiatus. Things have been a bit nutso recently. What I can say:

  • I’m working on three secret projects. They are all pretty cool.
  • I still have roughly a half-dozen articles in the theoretical Pyramid queue, including some of what I think is my best work to date.
  • Technical Grappling, High-Tech, and Martial Arts will not, in fact, engage in a three-way death match should they be put next to each other. However, the authors might buy tickets to see it together should it happen. 
  • +Peter V. Dell’Orto‘s most popular post is still good advice
  • I still need to get crackin’ on a unified perception theory, but there was a spectacularly comprehensive forum post by +Sean Punch that might have made it superfluous.
  • I might actually play in a real game tomorrow! 
  • I might actually run Alien Menace Turkey Day week!
  • I might really, really need more sleep.
  • Sudden attacks of five-month-old sleeplessness on top of a crazed work schedule? No fun
  • My five year old daughter kicked serious butt in her tournament grappling match last Saturday. I was shocked to see her really wipe the floor with her partner. Go S!

That’s about it.

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