Dragon Heresy – so close . . .

I continue to get layout in on The Book of Heroes. It continues to look good. There’s four small and one giant chapter (the spell lists) yet to do. I’m very happy with the layout of the book, and I will likely be taking the time to make art notes for the first ten chapters over the next few days.

I’m also making progress trolling for editors. Two of my top choices can’t do it, but a surprising opportunity may exist that I will likely snatch up if he becomes available. And one of my choices is going to refer me to a few men and women who would be well suited to editing this game.

Down side is that it’s a big project. So expensive. I wonder if I should try alternate funding rather than kickstarter just to get this part done. Not having to kickstart for editing (and maybe indexing) would greatly enhance the project, but I will also probably need $15,000 for the two tasks. I will ponder (and take advice). 

For writing, the Book of Deeds is at 171,000 words or so, and I have relatively few things left, though one of them is a bit of a monster.

  • Write Wilderness, Dungeons, Settlements and Ruins, Unusual Environment sections. This may or may not be required, but I think a short section talking about these parts of the sandbox would be useful guidance. It won’t be anything profound, though. 
  • Write and Expand Between Adventures section. This got some good work today, but needs a bit more polish. I think a few hours will finish this off. Maybe less.
  • Populate the section on the Aesir, Winterfey, and Elder Dragons. This will probably be treated like the Races Chapter, and in about as much detail. I’ve got the Aesir section done in draft form, and the Winterfey and Elder Dragon section will be shorter.
  • Finish the monster fluff-text for all 300-400 gorram critters. Sigh. This is, both literally and figuratively, the “monster” task. The SRD does not include fluff text, so I have to write my own, and there are a lot of critters. 

But once these things are done, the entire draft is done. So we’re close. Very close.

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