Blogging from 38,000 feet and 534mph

Speeding along here on an A330-200 on my way to Hong Kong. Out my window is Kamchatka. A forbidding and beautiful land. I know it’s all that when it comes to playing Risk, but after actually flying over it, I think there needs to be a house rule here – every turn you have armies in Kamchatka, you lose half of them. It also takes two turns to move through it. Because look at that terrain.

(OK, I’m kidding. But seriously . . . I’d hate to drive tanks and stuff across it. It made me nervous to fly over it!)

I’ve gotten some good note-taking done, but a tablet and spotty satellite connection are no way to try and write them down. I’ll likely hook up the laptop when I land, after I do some real “work” and then probably NOT sleep. Heck, I don’t get much sleep anyway.

What was I musing about? A new variation on Attunement for D&D5 that riffs off of my old post, +Ken Hs thoughts, as well as +Peter V. Dell’Orto . I think something like attunement could be a valuable roleplaying aid, and am working some systems. Definitely have some of it worked out, but I need to write it all down and see what it looks like and if it’ll be fun in play.

I also began some thoughts on wealth, income, and assets in GURPS. I’ve been noodling on this for a while now, and I think it’s time to write stuff down.

Finally I really, really need to find my runaway muse where it comes to a column I’m supposed to be writing. I have a good outline, but I need to take that outline and make it into topics worth exploring ad reading. I know that writers, actors, and other creative types have this issue all the time: “why would anyone ever read this stuff?” But I think the topic is worth exploring . . . but it’s not speaking to me yet. Once it finds a voice, I can write stuff down. The outline is dry – maybe that’s the problem?

Anyway, more in a bit.

+Peter V. Dell’Orto  took over Nosphryc in the +Ken H‘s Monteporte campaign, but failed to kill him off, which I can only assume means he wasn’t really trying hard enough.

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