Apropos of Nothing: Return of Wonder Woman

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to for the last week or so, basically working on my daughter’s combination outfit for Comic Con (two-ish weeks!) and an Ancient Greek History night that her school is putting on.

She wanted this w/o the cresst

So the last time I put this down was I think April 7, where I was talking about her helmet, which I worked out a pattern for. Well, since then, I finished that one, found it too small, and made it again, with a modified look my daughter requested.

Then I set to work on the torso armor, made from a linothorax pattern.

I’ll answer any questions people have on how I did it, but highlighting a few things.

  • It’s all sheetstock cardboard, sometimes more than one layer glued together.
  • I used craft sand glued to the cardboard to provide texture that didn’t look like cardboard.
  • Krylon “hammered metal” finish spraypaint is awesome stuff
  • The hockey tape I used for a lot of the edge binding is very different in taking both sand and paint. Plan accordingly.
Torso armor based on this image
  • There are about 100 scales on the abdomen
  • I’m very proud of how I managed to embed the D-rings for closure of the bits into the cardboard. There’s a picture of that below.
  • I used a template to spray the star on each skirt strip. Gotta watch out because it tends to drip
  • Greaves and bracers and a sword are next
  • Sorry to take a break from RPG content, but the convergence of her interests and mine was too good to pass up. And the gratitude was pretty breathtaking, so wouldn’t pass up on this for anything.

Lots of pictures after the break.
The pictures


2 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing: Return of Wonder Woman

  1. "Krylon "hammered metal" finish spraypaint is awesome stuff"

    Yes. Yes, it is. And good job on the d-rings.

    A thought about doing those stars: instead of painting them on with a stencil and worrying about dripping, paint the whole thing white (or whatever color you want the stars to be), cut stars out of painter's tape, apply to the strip, paint the whole thing blue, and remove the tape stars. I haven't done that with cardboard, but it works very well when I work with wood.

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