Releases and Kickstarters at SJG

Two items from Steve Jackson James.

Yesterday was release day, with an actual release: GURPS Zombies: Day One. I know for a fact that the pipeline is crammed full of stuff, having seen some of it. This one (and many of +Sean Punch‘s projects) go under the playtest radar, so I did not get a peek at this one. Sean’s work rarely needs a lot of testing, and doubly so with this volume, which is a break from the usual for the GURPS line – a book of adventure seeds and campaign settings.
There are several for TL8, at least two for TL3-4, and one high-TL setting. They are designed to be mixed and matched into existing campaigns if possible, as well.
I haven’t read it in detail yet, but I will. Market wise, go buy this. Buy it twice. This is the type of book that would open up a stream of related material that would fill a nice gap between “create it from whole cloth your own damn self” and “here’s a fully fleshed-out scenario that will almost certainly fail to fit into your existing game.”

Car Wars Kickstarter

Not exactly gnu gnus – actually, this is sort of gnu gnus. The Car Wars Classic Arenas Kickstarter is not the Car Wars Kickstarter promised when Ogre went on a rampage. That’s a separate project, per the FAQ.

It’s got 26 days to go and I think started in the last week or so. The base tier is about 80% funded right now.

I probably won’t be backing this one, but not because it’s not worthy or anything. I like that SJG is funding development on Kickstarter, and I like that they are clearly learning from the Ogre experience (read the disclaimer under Risks and Challenges: It’s a hoot).

I just don’t have anyone to play with yet. Youngest takes up too much of my usual in-house gaming partner’s time, and oldest isn’t really Car Wars age yet. A few more years and she’ll probably be mopping the floor with me in Ogre. But not today.

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