Pathfinder Skull and Shackles Tidewater Rock and Pirate Hats

Today we played Pathfinder Pirates, continuing the Skull and Shackles Path. On board were +Jeromy French , +Matt Sutton , +kung fu hillbilly , and +Joshua Taylor .

We more or less talked our way through the session, trying to remember where we’d left off. In the end, we captured a target pirate we’d needed to capture, brought his severed head back to Tidewater Rock, and took over the place by bargain and threat.

We now have two ships to our name (and renamed the second ship, with great irony, “A Simple Plan”, and the desire to fortify and improve Tidewater Rock as our base of operations. The “keep” on that place is more of a tower, and it’s pretty sparse for fortifications, supplies, and the things that would make it a viable base of operations.

So, we are now, I think, on a major deviation from the Adventure Path (though maybe not), and we’re hooking up with some NPCs we befriended (or at least didn’t rob, kill, or both) in our past, looking for a smith, a shipwright or three, and some engineers and masons to help turn our little island into something to fear.

And if that isn’t fun enough, we discovered Google Goofiness. So from now on, I think at least a few of us will be using Roll20 and the associated plug-ins to ensure maximum piratical behavior.

I’m “Pel,” on the left. Makes me want to grow my goatee back.

2 thoughts on “Pathfinder Skull and Shackles Tidewater Rock and Pirate Hats

  1. In the technical sense it was a deviation from the Adventure Path, but they do actually intend for you to take over Tidewater Rock, though I am still shocked, that you guys just didn't take it over by force. Especially when you were inside having dinner.

    I don't think they intend for the PCs to completely turn it into a fortress, but I think it's cool, so if that's what you want to spend your plunder on, I have no issues with it. But yes, hiring a Shipwright should be high on your priority.

    What you deviated from, was nearly everything I had planned, but things were discussed and hashed out way more than I was expecting. On the other hand, I really did want to have more player driven stories to help offset the pre-madeness of the adventure path.

    Still, we should get to what I have planned next time. A bit of mystery, a treasure map, and lots of excuses to set things on fire.

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