Apropos of Nothing – Supergirl (CW show)

So, there’s a 6 minute trailer out. I like it, or more specifically, my daughter will freakin’ LOVE it. If you’ve watched this blog, you’ll know my family kinda has a thing for Superman.

So, I’m not going to talk much about the bulk of the trailer. However, I was chatting with a coworker, and he was asking – what happened to Superman? How did he not know and show up?

Well, if you feel like breaking out the frame-grabber, you can see it. Between the launch of Kara Zor-El’s spaceship and a furious set of near-subliminal images, you can see a few things, some of which are known already.

So there you go. Superman is well aware, thank you very much, of the existence of his cousin Kara. The house in the background, you see it in the next frame with the Danvers’ in front of it. 
Who are the Danvers, you ask? Dean Cain and Helen Slater, for a spectacular bit of symmetry.
And Dean Can is awesome. Just sayin’. 
My coworker also noted that Kara pretty much “tells everyone” the Secret in the trailer.
Hmm. Don’t think so. Her stepsister? She already knew, obviously. And her parents.
And Kal-El. He delivered her to the house, as a little girl – well, maybe not so little. Ten to twelve years old, I think. 
So . . . I’m betting the only person that didn’t know the Secret was the guy who asked her out, and she told after she rescued the plane. James Olsen? 
I bet he already knew. Superman sent him to watch over Kara. 
Anyway, I hope the show is good, though it’s clearly a bit too close to the Black Widow Parody SNL did. But that doesn’t bother me because while that’s spectacularly out of character for the freakin’ Red Room assassin, it’s not out of character at all for Supergirl. Go look at her brief encounter with Nightwing in the Last Daughter of Krypton run.

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