March 2014 Blog Carnival: Five Days Left!

There are five days remaining in the RPGBA Blog Carnival for March 2014!

The topic is VTTs, Online Gaming, and (by extension), computer gaming aids.

There’s lots to talk about here. My post from earlier this week, where I actually discuss my experiences with Fantasy Grounds, formed after interviewing +Doug Davison , was quite widely read.

So: do you have personal experiences with VTTs and gaming online? What do you like? What do you NOT like? What features are the bare bones inclusion of what you feel are a minimum feature set for a VTT? What is a nice-to-have that content creators fuss over but really, in the end, doesn’t help boost the experience?

Inquiring minds want to know. So write it, post it, and share!

If you need grist for your mill, check out the comments in the original post, as well as the Firing Squad interviews carried out on this topic.

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