Kickstarter: Great Northern Games’ Council of Blackthorn

The guy who runs/owns/started Great Northern Games is a friend of mine from work. His first Kickstarter, Noble Treachery, was carried off quite well, and followed what I have to imagine is the pattern for successful crowdfunding efforts.

He and his team of playtesters designed, tested, revised, and finalized the game. Then he sourced the initial physical copy, and Kickstarted the improved art, higher-quality pieces and cards, and basically creating a high-quality boxed set. No design or play work remained to be done.

Well, he’s coming around for a second try with Council of Blackthorn. He invited me to go see the pre-production copy at his desk, so once again the only thing he’s really Kickstarting is the mass production of a high-quality physical copy.

The teaser video is well done: it’s clear Jay learned a lot from his first effort (which was a stalwart effort in itself), and his efforts to source quality pieces and art have been further refined.

Check out the teaser video:

More evidence that the game is basically done – here’s a photo of the already-sourced physical pieces. You can even download the rulebook.

Go to his Kickstarter page, listen to the pre-release reviews, and consider supporting his efforts.

And as always, if you’re even feeling neutral about this, share it around, because networking only works if you cast the net wide!

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