Hectic Hardware morale patches

This company and website was just started by a friend of mine, featuring “morale patches.” Many of them are hysterical, awesome, or hysterically awesome. Lots of great stuff for RPGs and popular culture.

For example, this one could be the Aeon B-Team patch


And of course I might need this one for Dragon Heresy.


Plus if you’re Jayne Cobb. Because then you’re the Hero of Canton and get your own crappy town.


I’m sure these guys would appreciate your patronage.

8 thoughts on “Hectic Hardware morale patches

    1. I absolutely love Hectic Hardware patches? I want originality, not like the mass produced, crap ones on eBay & all over really. Admittedly, I love the right patch(ES) for my vest, etc. I believe I’ve bought a total of 6 patches, in roughly a month. I won’t sustain that, cuz they’re seriously of the highest quality. The embroidery is second to none & no loose stitching or fraying. I slowly customized my vest, MOLLE assault pack/”bug out bag”, and more. My favorite is the back of my vest. It has the Crusader patch in the middle & the No Quarter, one on each side. Our potential enemy won’t need explaining. Mike, the owner, is genuinely the nicest & best, customer service rep I’ve dealt with. If you have an issue, he’ll fix it. Can’t recommend enough!

  1. I found Hectic Hardware sometime last year, and I really love the few patches I’ve gotten from it, but in the last month or so, when I went to see if there was anything new, and to buy a patch for a friend, the site seemed to be down, and all the links I bookmarked are dead. Do anybody know what happened?

  2. I found Hectic Hardware morale patches around 3 years ago and ordered over half of the ones they offered at the time. They are of high quality and are in very good shape after being worn for a long time, in many different applications. I highly recommend them!

    1. I’m very familiar with the quality of their patches. However, I was hoping for someone to be able to explain why the site started redirecting and my bookmarked pages were dead links. Did he move where he sells them, or did he just stop?

      1. Sorry for the delay, Eric. I contacted my friend, and she said that the website is down, but if you reach out to them personally, they can still hook you up with patches. Presumably the site has a contact address?

        1. Thank you. I don’t remember a contact address from the site, and obviously can’t check for one with it down, but I think I found an email address that will work in my archive.

  3. Sorry brother, I don’t know if/where he moved to. I bought doubles of my favorites the first time around. I hope you find em.

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