Other People’s Posts: A Plethora of Good Stuff

There’s a bunch of pretty awesome stuff going on elsewhere, so I thought I’d link to them. Most of you probably follow these guys anyway.

+Mark Langsdorf is doing great stuff over at No School Grognard. A lot like me at the beginning, he has a backlog of great ideas that he’s playtested over the years in real games. He’s got a lot of neat stuff on magic going on over there. (There are four links there, and that’s not all).

The inimitable +Peter V. Dell’Orto at Dungeon Fantastic is currently musing about house rules for fixed-level, rather than variable, Ripostes in GURPS combat. I’ll be following up on this one tomorrow for GURPS-Day to be sure!

+Chris Conner (Grouchy Chris) follows up brilliantly over at Roll and Shout on a post +Patrick Halter did at Renovating the Temple on Deceptive and Targeted Attacks in GURPS. Combined, I think, with my melee skill levels overview, the three make a solid grounding in what to do with a surfeit of skill.

+Christian Blouin over at Palantir Commission is doing a series of really neat writeups and modifications all involving Tolkein’s world. If you thought that Tolkein’s Middle Earth was all played out, he’ll convince you otherwise. I don’t link to particular posts here, but between the actual play reports and the new campaign he’s designing, it’s a worthy read.

Of course, +Jason Packer and I continue our mutual exchange of ideas around his Taming of the Eastlands campaign, which has spawned no fewer than four maps.

Original content coming tomorrow, but this is a very good week for GURPSy stuff!

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