Apropos of Nothing: Posting velocity?

Is it me, or as summer approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere, has the new content velocity slowed down in general?

I mean, I know why my velocity has slowed down – work heated up and my wife is training for her Black Sash test in Hwa Rang Do, which means my usual writing time is spent putting my toddler to bed.

But I feel (with no real data or stats) that where I used to see a few posts a week from people (and I was hitting 3-4 posts, sometimes more) things have slowed down.


6 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing: Posting velocity?

  1. I was on vacation last week, finally got around to buying X-Com Enemy Unknown, and I'm on a tight deadline this week at the office. So yeah, I've been radio silent for a while but hopefully that will change soon.

    Kudos to you and Peter for keeping your posting up.

  2. Just for me personally:

    More sunlight means my family gets up earlier– interrupting what used to be a prime writing timeslot.

    Some sort of allergy thing seemed to cascade through multiple people starting a couple of weeks ago. This hit me pretty hard.

  3. I slowed down a bit too: mostly due to a rough ride health-wise.

    I spent quite a bit more time programming our two apps: Meat Grinder and the Serendipity engine.

    What's the next academy theme. I really really like what you and Mark L. came up with: it was used around the table within 24 hrs. Peter stuff is also great!

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