Apropos of Nothing: Scale armor

This is sort-of off topic for my blog, but here we go:

I’m interested in procuring some scale armor. it doesn’t have to be historically perfect, or even associated with a particular time or style (but it could be), but finding reputable vendors of such is a bit hard. So I’m crowd-sourcing: anyone know of good makers?

I’d be willing to branch away from scale, or even a combination of scale, mail, or whatnot. I’d like it to be more western style than not, but this could be modified if there were something sufficiently cool, such as this Korean/Mongol armor which is entirely badass. Also the stainless etched plate ensemble.

Anyway, I’m interested in any thoughts or comments.

3 thoughts on “Apropos of Nothing: Scale armor

    1. Doug probably wants recommendations that don't start with "first, assemble a smith so you can hand forge your scales."

      A brief web search found some places, but I've never dealt with any of them. Is this really something you want to drop $500+ on?

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