Inching towards Technical Grappling

In his weekly update on all things GURPS, +Sean Punch notes:

We made the final text corrections to GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling, by Doug Cole (douglascole). We still have art wrinkles to iron out, however.

Depending on how much you know about the internal production process, this may be cryptic. This is good news, though. I know what the text corrections are (not surprising) and they are good, since the mighty Kromm has reduced further the potential “special cases” that some of the more oddball rules expansions and clarifications could have introduced.

The “art wrinkles” thing will receive no further explication from me at this time, other than to say if they’re what I think they are, I’m very happy that all systems are not go just yet.
Other than that wrinkle, I’m quite pleased with the art that I’ve seen. It’s a rules-dense book, and much of the breakup in the flow of text is taken up with pull-quotes, many of which are rules excerpts from the book itself. I had my playtesters go through and help me pick out the most crucial new rules and concepts, and we tried to use those. That doesn’t always work with layout, but where it did, they were used. We also have the usual assortment of fun quotes, from Lee to Fiori, from Chaucer to Talhoffer, from Silver to Solo. And more.
And for what it’s worth, I also have about 5,000 words of Designer’s Notes that are ready to go if needed. If they don’t appear in “official” print, I’ll post them here. Depending on how such things are handled, I might be able to do both.

This is starting to feel almost real. Yay!

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