Wow. Best month ever.

If Blogger stats are to be believed, the month of October will have me just shy of 25,000 pageviews for the month. About 10% of that are views of one or both of the interviews I did with SJG staff and authors, so thanks to them, and to those who have been reading/viewing these interviews.

Another bit on those interviews, the Pyramid Panel, which started slowly from a hits/pageviews point of view, has climbed to the point where it’s nearly going to hit 2,000 views – mostly being read not watched.

This means that I will definitely wish to keep up my transcriptions of future interviews (I’ve got three in the works, but November seems rather busy for folks, so I am still waiting for people to get back to me, set a date, etc).

I’ve got requests in to two very major RPG guys, plus a friend of mine who is a boardgame designer who’s planning a kickstarter. I expect that the first two interviews will be of the “one hour” type, while the second feels more like 30 min than the full hour.

Still, that will be 150 minutes of video, which will cost about $300 to get transcribed . . . but boy people seem to appreciate that. So if you can find the wherewithal to pop a couple of bucks into the donation bin, that is the only purpose to which that will be used. Right now, I’m doing it out of my own pocket (for various reasons I’m well motivated to outsource this one) and I’ve received a very small donation, so no worries about isolating the money. But if it really started to come in, I’d isolate it formally in s separate account as a transcription budget. It comes out of the same funds that I use to buy lunch at work, so it’s dual-purpose in “get interviews transcribed” and “Doug’s weight loss plan.”

Anyway, I’m having a hoot doing the interviews. Over on the SJG Forums, someone suggested I interview +Wil Wheaton about gaming, GURPS, and SJG products. I’m sure he’d get right on answering an email from some random blogger in the flood of responses from the over 1,000,000 people in his Google circles. (No disrespect for Wil; I’m just sensitive to how busy schedules can get, and it’s not like he’s not doing gaming promotion already!)

That being said, it would be a rockin’ interview, and I’d love to do it. I’d enjoy seeing the one-month pageviews when that one went live.

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    1. On the other hand, you don't get to go to the dance if you never ask the girl. I'll probably craft a note and find a way to put it in his orbit, in case blogger charity is on his bucket list.

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