GURPS Day Summary April 8 – April 14, 2016

Thursday is GURPSDay, and below you can find the blog activity from the last seven days.

Over the last week, as of 10am CST, there have been 61 GURPS-Related posts from our list of 38 blogs that have popped up on the radar screen.

The next two weeks will be slightly disrupted as I will be away from my desktop, but there will be one wrap-up post instead of two. 

Not every blog posts about GURPS every week, but some are ridiculously prolific! The list is randomized, so different bloggers will be highlighted at the top of the post each week.

Today some good script-writing by the proprietor of Roger BW’s blog helped me solve two long-standing issues with their blogs. I am still having an issue with T Bone’s GURPS Diner, but I feel confident we’re close. I’ve included all of their posts for 2016 to make up for what was missed – look for those at the end!

As always, if you’re interested in having your blog consolidated here, navigate over to The Instructions Page and drop me a line.

The Lands of Nandeme (Charles Saeger)

Game in the Brain (Justin Aquino)

Dark Paths and Wandered Roads (Jason Woollard)

  • Grand Duchy 79 (4/14/16) – The Grey Company assist the lizard riders in their foray against the “mutts” of the valley. Summary of the latest play session of The Grand Duchy of Adventure, our GURPS: Mystara campaign.
  • Sundered Lands 4.3 (4/12/16) – Seeker and Moonscar slink around the seedy part of Essanos over on the Shadowshore. (part 3/3) The newest adventures in the Sundered Lands of Palladium, our GURPS: Palladium Fantasy campaign.
  • Sundered Lands 4.2 (4/10/16) – Fortis and Valinya fly across the harbor in search of the local mages guild, the Witchwardens. (part 2/3) The newest adventures in the Sundered Lands of Palladium, our GURPS: Palladium Fantasy campaign.
  • Sundered Lands 4.1 (4/10/16) – Silver the Dragon (in female Elf form) and Arn the Dwarf (also in female Elf form) secure lodgings for the party. (part 1/3) The newest adventures in the Sundered Lands of Palladium, our GURPS: Palladium Fantasy campaign.

Just Roll 3d6 (Colin)

  • Using Disadvantages to Create Character Hooks (4/12/16) – By choosing disadvantages based on the kinds of dramatic tension you want to create, you can quickly generate interesting characters and suggest plot hooks for your GM.

Orbital Vagaries (Christian Blouin)

Dungeon Fantastic (Peter Dell’Orto)

Southern Style GURPS (Chris Bower)

Insidious GURPS Planning (Mr. Insidious)

Shooting Dice (Hans-Christian Vortisch)

The Collaborative Gamer (Joseph Linden)

Cursed -75 Points (BowToChris)

Game Geekery (“Warren “”Mook”” Wilson”)

  • Modern Agents Quick-Start Characters (4/14/16) – Today I offer up a four-person team of “Heroic” level Quick-Start agents useful as FBI agents, mercenaries, a ring of thieves, etc.: the Face, the Hitter, the Infiltrator, and the Shooter. Enjoy!

Gaming Ballistic (Douglas Cole)

  • GURPSDay – Broad and narrow perspective (4/14/16) – I take a look at how GURPSDay itself is doing. Both personally and as a community, it looks healthy!
  • GURPS Day Summary April 8 – April 14, 2016 (4/14/16)
  • The M41 Pulse Rifle – stats and commentary (4/13/16) – For April Fool’s I wrote up the ammunition for the M41a pulse rifle from the Aliens movie. Here’s a discussion about the rifle itself. Oh, and check out the video where someone built a working one!
  • Aeon Campaign: S2E2 – Kidnapped (4/12/16) – S2E2 of the Aeon campaign continues the investigation into the attempted killing of a wealthy owner of a Forensics Lab, who we suspect is one of the seven scientists from an old lab accident gone wrong and a target for a mad bomber/super-soldier. We get distracted when the Commander’s third cousin, a super named Marionette, shows up to inform us that seven of their relatives have been kidnapped. This turns out to be related to the primary case.
  • Reloading Press: .44 Magnum (4/11/16) – This installment of the reloading press covers the mighty .44 Magnum. With carbine-like energy and damage out of a very-large-frame handgun, this cartridge was synonymous with gratuitously powerful hand cannons for years, until eclipsed by still-larger rounds.

Let’s GURPS (Pseudonym)

Fragments of the Last War (Bryan Timms)

Northport (Denis McCarthy)

Don’t Forget Your Boots (Mitch French)

Ironemblem Gaming (Richard White)

Mailanka’s Musings (Daniel Dover)

  • Psi Wars: Scavenger-Tech (and other economic concerns) (4/13/16) – Now that we’ve got all this gear, how do we afford it? A look at adapting the organizational wealth rules from Action to a setting with disparate wealth, plus adapting the Ham Clause to sub-optimal gear!

Ravens N’ Pennies (Christopher R. Rice)

Celti’s Chatter (Patrick Burroughs)

  • On Blindness (2/23/16) – In which, the author rejects munchkinism with disadvantages and suggests a limit.
  • On Improvisation (2/22/16) – In which, the author GMs by the seat of his pants.
  • Holistic Technology (1/29/16) – In which the author takes cyber-physical systems in Altered States to extremes.
  • What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? (1/28/16) – In which the author talks about frequency limitations in GURPS.
  • An Altered State of Mind (1/25/16) – In which the author discusses GURPS, cyberpunk, world-building, and Altered States.
  • GURPS Aging Calculator (1/23/16) – In which the author talks about programming for games and the GURPS aging rules.

RogerBW’s Blog (Roger Bell-West)

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