Really irritating sound problems

As noted, I interviewed +Stacy Dellorfano yesterday for Gaming Ballistic’s Firing Squad.

It was a good interview, but likely ruined because of issues on my end. In short, I couldn’t get my headset to work, and not wanting to be rude, I plunged right into the interview without it.

That . . . did not go well.

I figured it out, I think. I had used Skype for a video call with my mother earlier, and that reset the connections. When I closed down everything, actually shut down Chrome and  Skype, then plugged in my headset/mic, then booted up Chrome . . . it all worked fine.

So now I know, and can go through a ritual sound cleansing before such interviews.

Here’s the question for the peanut gallery: the video is unusable, but I can probably salvage a transcript by working really hard at it. Does anyone watch the video, or would an all-text interview be fine?

Stacy was an engaging guest, and so the video would be fun to watch and notionally listen to, but really: bad.

Comments welcome.

Edit: +Christopher R. Rice did a great job of salvaging the interview, thanks to a distortion-removing electronic device that I think was designed for musical instruments. The transcript is done, I’ve done my own edits, and I’ve got that version to +Stacy Dellorfano for her to read and comment. There are one or two things that need her input, since she was giving someone props for awesome art that neither Christopher nor I could figure out. So you should see the interview posted in a few days.

9 thoughts on “Really irritating sound problems

    1. Yeah, I'm with Peter, too. I usually just like to read the transcripts anyway as I prefer text to audio so this doesn't really affect my enjoyment of your interview 🙂

  1. That bad? I was looking forward to the interview, but if you only have the transcript that will have to do. But if she does do the cool hand puppets then I'll watch it without sound.

    1. Christopher is using some sort of device that reduces reverb, which is apparently making the video a lot easier to edit/transcribe than I thought. I asked if that device could output to a file; he says no. Still, if there's a software program that can take an audio stream and process it for echo reduction, point it my way!

  2. I watch the video, but a silent interview is rather purposeless. Unless, as others have noted, there are cool hand puppets.

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