Short-run printing – looking for options

CreateSpace is inexpensive but has been extremely uneven in quality. Extremely.

DriveThruRPG (via Lightning Source) has been very reliable and consistent in quality, but is more expensive than I’d prefer.

I’m looking for other short-run printers that might do the job. The minimum offset quantity I can usually find is 500 copies, but rumors have scattered about of lower-minimum-number available.

I’m probably looking for a US-based printer, but I’m OK with nearly anything, and something with both US and UK (for example) outlets has real advantages.

In any case, help wanted!

2 thoughts on “Short-run printing – looking for options

  1. Have you considered yearbook printers? Some years ago a woman in my church wrote a book about our ethnic food, and had a small run printed at Jostens. Granted it has the feel of a yearbook, which may not be what you want, but it might be an options.

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