Purchased and played Pandemic with my wife last night. Interesting game.

I like the cooperative aspect, so that was cool.

She drew the Scientist, I drew the Quarantine Specialist. That was something that was harder to keep track of, and I know that I could have foiled a few outbreaks that I forgot.

We had cured three diseases when we ran out of cards, losing the game. We’d been able to keep the diseases in check, but not eliminate them all.

We’ll probably play again tonight and see if we’ve learned enough to win this time.

I think Alina would like something a bit more violent, interestingly enough, so perhaps there’s a well thought out Zombie cooperative game out there . . .

2 thoughts on “Boardgame: Pandemic

  1. I used to play this a lot, until Flash Point (a coop firefighting game) pretty much replaced it for my coop gaming needs. We generally found that we won a lot more with the "classic" roles (Dispatcher, Medic, Researcher, Scientist) than with the "On the Brink" ones.

  2. I strongly recommend Sentinels of the Multiverse for violent co-operative gaming. It's easy to learn, has a fair bit of depth, a huge amount of variety, and has a great superheroes theme.

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