Pandemic 2: We save the human race.

Second game of Pandemic with Alina, and this time we win. I drew the Medic, which is a crazy-good role for keeping infections at bay. She drew the Operations Specialist.

Once again, we got hit with an epidemic on the first turn of the game. Pretty minimal impact, all in all. She also drew something like four red cards right off the bat, which very quickly led to the Red virus being not only cured but eradicated.

Black was the next to go, this time by me, then some smart coordination led to Blue being both cured and eradicated in one turn, maybe two, as my Medic shuttled back and forth between a few research stations using the “auto-cure” function to wipe out everything in my path. We actually used the “build a research station” function of her Ops Specialist to meet up in a convenient city, pass on a card, and that’s how we nixed blue. Good group effort.

We were going to pull the same trick for Yellow, but a lucky draw for Alina and the fact that she could create research stations anywhere ended the game with a fairly straight-forward victory.

We’re still having fun, so we’ll either up the difficulty to five Epidemic cards, or play a few more times with different roles. That medic power seems really awesome, though,

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