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SJG doesn’t do it often (hardly ever, really) but until Aug 27 GURPS stuff is on sale at 23% off over at Warehouse 23. 

As +Peter V. Dell’Orto notes on his own author page, there’s a bunch of stuff (one book and a few Pyramid articles) that you could pick up.

Go Buy Technical Grappling

“Grappling rules suck” is such a potent meme that it even showed up in +Rob Donoghue‘s recent blog post on DnD5, though as benign neglect. I really do think the core Control Point effect mechanic is not only fairly useful, but easily portable to other games, as +Tim Shorts and +Erik Tenkar know from a project I did with them that will appear, hopefully, sometime in the future.

The best thing I can say about my own rules, Peter said for me in a recent forum post:

Quote: Originally Posted by vicky_molokh  

Lame? With the +2 to pretty much everything per tentacle after the first two? Why? Seems reasonably powerful to me.

Peter’s Response:

Click Here and Wrestle with this!

Because grappling becomes “You’re not grappled, and fine” or “you’re grappled, but you’re stronger so you break free” or “you’re grappled, and it’s so strong you can’t escape.” It’s way too pass/fail, and all of our fights with grappling monsters have been that way and were not fun to run or play. 

Using CP makes it all so much more nuanced, and since starting to use it every grappling encounter has gotten more interesting – masses of grappling zombies, casual grabs in combat, and more. TG has made DF dramatically better. We went from “let’s try this” to my players saying to keep it in a single usage.

It has some complexity that needs filing down for DF in some places, but the core concept is better than the core concept it replaces.

Pyramid Issues

I’ll actually be posting a bit more on this later. +Sean Punch did a Ten for Ten article in Pyramid #3/70 picking out ten concepts that he would have included in Basic had they existed at the time. Some of his concepts are reinforced or augmented by some of the articles I’ve written, and I intend to point that out in gory detail. But later. 🙂


It crept up on me, but this marks my 400th post since starting my blog on Dec 26, 2012.

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