GURPS Dredd need marketing, badly

Very interesting Twitter thingy.

Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd is going to be a thing.

The money quote from +Phil Reed in the the tweet above is:

Now you have me wondering if there would be enough demand to make GURPS Judge Dredd worth considering .

GURPS doesn’t get too much licencing love anymore, though there are exceptions.

Dredd would be interesting. It plays to a lot of GURPS’ strengths, and if given the “self-contained game” treatment, where rules could be stated in ways to suit the genre, it is right in the middle of GURPS’ sweet spot. All those ammo types?


7 thoughts on “GURPS Dredd need marketing, badly

  1. Need I state my encouragement for this?

    In the mean time, you can DIY something vaguely close using Ultra-Tech, Tactical Shooting & Psionic Powers as the "required reading", and (of cause) Action as a good starting point for templates (although I highly encourage a custom made Judge template, preferably more than one, they're jobs require a lot of stuff, and their training ensures a set calibre of skill in a range of fields – else you simply never graduate from the academy).

    Honestly though, it aint hard to cook something up with a basic knowledge of GURPS if you've been exposed the the Judge Dredd universe, or just the newest Dredd (3D) film – which rocked and is what peaked interest in the setting for my group.

    However, this also proves the potential fertility of developing such a project. There would of cause need to be a few scraps of extra material, but most of the work would just be restricting options and building/branding the various weapons, armour and technology in the world. The other setting specific stuff already exists in other Judge Dredd RPG formats and are easy to repurpose for GURPS.

  2. One of my disappointments with 4th Ed is the lack of meaty sourcebooks, which were generally the best of the 3rd Ed line. No real historical line, nothing like Lensman.

    That said, I have no real interest in Judge Dredd; it's just never done anything for me. On the other hand, I'd sure like to see more than Interstellar Wars, Vorkosigan and Prime Directive (all very good), so I still support the idea.

  3. There have been at least three other licensed Dredd rpgs so I expect it's fairly easy to guess what the sales would or wouldn't be based on how well they did. Mongoose did both d20 and Traveller versions.

  4. My own feeling is that a GURPS Dredd rpg would do what Vorkosigan book did: suck up large amounts of SJ Games editorial and production resources, strangling other more interesting products, while not really selling especially well…

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