+Jeffro Johnson put together his list of best blogs of 2014, and much to my surprise (especially since I had no idea this was being considered) Gaming Ballistic was his top choice.

He was quite clear on his reasons, though: #1 on the list was my interview with +Steve Jackson, and the rest of the Firing Squad journalism a close second.

But I also have to give a proper shout-out to +Peter V. Dell’Orto, who (if you check back to 2012) got me into blogging just shy of two years ago. His content on Dungeon Fantastic is uniformly interesting, and from the perspective of a very experienced GM and writer of fun, playable rules. In fact, his touchstone post, “Has That Problem Come Up In Actual Play?” is such a good read and bit of advice when thinking about starting a Forum flame war that I try and refer to it as often as possible, both in my commentary on replies to mechanics questions, as well as when I write rules.

I’ve benefited tremendously (and still do) from my collaboration with him – in fact, we have at least two or three co-written projects in the hopper right now.

Anyway, once again: thanks to Jeffro for tapping my blog as interesting, and I’ll be sure to make more use of the Recommend pathway to link to my stuff in the future! Be sure to go read all the stuff on the list, though – uniformly good, and as +Kenneth Hite noted in my interview with him, being widely and deeply read on any subject is its own reward.

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